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Herd Listsbarnreport

Barn Report

The Barn Report provides a limited amount of information in an easy to read format for use in the milk barn. This report emphasizes production data and displays sample day production in addition to lactation to date production values.  Standardized Mature Equivalent values and a production index is available to every cow.






The Condensed Report provides elements of the Herd Summary in conjunction with the Barn Report. The first section of the report provides the Herd Summary information including sections on production (including herd average), reproduction, and somatic cell counts. There are further analyses of the herd based on lactation number, days in milk and pen number.

The second section of the report is similar to the Barn Report but includes a few additional fields such as the animal’s peak milk and test day Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN).




Cow Listcowlist

The Cow List is an inventory of the herd as of last test day. This list details the cow number as well as her permanent and temporary string (group or pen). This report also summarizes the number of cows in herd, in milk, dry, and too fresh to test.




Enrollment Statusenrollmentstatus

The Enrollment Status Report is a listing of all the cows in the herd with the current identification and status information on each animal. Cow identification includes birth date, registration/USDA number, RFID number along with her current status. The sire is listed with NAAB code as well as registration number. There are also fields for the dam number/name and her registration/USDA number. This report is extremely useful when determining the complete and accurate information on an animal. Complete information is necessary in order to obtain benefits from the A.I. progeny test programs and to determine genetic indexes on animals.

Genetic Evaluationgeneticeval

The Genetic Evaluation Report provides both herd summary and individual cow index values.  If available, the NM$ is listed for each cow, sire, and dam along with pertinent identification data. In addition, the PTA milk is also listed on the cow. Production data is limited to the average 305-2X-ME and $ Value for each cow. 




The Lactation Report is a concise summary of each cow’s performance on test day as well as lactation-to-date with additional management notes that are helpful in making decisions regarding each animal currently in the herd.





Monthly & Managementmonthly

The Monthly Report is a concise summary of each cow’s performance on test day as well as for her lactation to date, with additional notes that are helpful in making management decisions regarding each animal. This report was designed to be used for reviewing group performance, as well as for isolating those animals whose productive, reproductive and udder health records show significant differences from their herdmates. One unique feature of this report is the “compare value” option that provides multiple within herd comparisons not found on reports from other processing centers.  The Monthly Report may be presented in multiple sequencing options.

Management lists are reported in the same general format as the Monthly Report but feature specific action items. These action items include cows to breed, cows to pregnancy check, cows to dry, cows to calve, high SCC, low production and fat/protein inversions.

Production Reportproduction

The Production Report provides information on last test day production along with both lactation totals to date and expected/actual 305 day for each cow.  Last breeding information with expected due dates is provided. The Production Report also provides the option for both sire short name and NAAB code.  Classification scores can be incorporated as part of the cow’s record on this report.



The Reproduction Report focuses on current reproductive activity in the herd along with specific index values for the service and the service sire. The only production data included in this report is the production index of each cow.  Otherwise, the emphasis on this report is all things reproductive on each animal. In addition, there are summary sections on the number of breedings and calving expectancy for the herd on a month to month basis.  A list of cows that have unusually long days open is also highlighted.




SCC Flexsccflex

The SCC Flex Report details data on the somatic cell counts of each animal in the herd. It provides detail on current test day as well as previous test day SCC, current and previous lactation average SCC log score and the number of times the animal tested over 200,000. This report provides the “percent of tank” SCC which is particularly useful when combating SCC issues on the dairy farm. This report can be sorted by Raw SCC, Barn Name, or percent of bulk tank.


SCC III scc3

The SCC III Report provides a recap of the milk yield and the somatic cell count history of the cow for every test in the current lactation. Cell counts are expressed in L2 format. The report also includes current lactation number, days in milk, and a current 305 milk projection for each cow which is compared to that same value for last lactation. 


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