AgriTech Analytics (ATA) is a certified Dairy Records Processing Center.  

Part of the U.S. DHIA System, AgriTech Analytics provides data to dairy producers for management, genetic improvement and pedigree purposes. 

By utilizing the reports and herd analysis made available by AgriTech Analytics, Herd owners are able to maximize profitability and better position themselves in today’s competitive dairy industry.

AgriTech Analytics Advantages

• Utilizes Best Prediction Lactation Calculations
• Oracle Database Driven Program
• ATA Service Sire Fertility Summary
• Output options --- printed, pdf, various file formats including delimited reports
• Producer-owned Processing Center

AgriTech Analytics is located in Visalia, California - the center of California’s vibrant dairy industry.

ATA is a Division of Holstein Association USA, Inc.

AgriTech Analytics is the second largest dairy records processing center in the United States. Each month ATA processes the dairy records for over 900,000 cows. We are located in the highest dairy producing area in the United States. The efficient staff is dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

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