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About the AgriTech Analytics Service Sire Fertility Summary

Fertility is a key component in getting cows pregnant; and every dairyman knows how important it is to get cows safe in calf. Without fresh cows, it makes for a long season. AgriTech Analytics (ATA) provides data to help dairy producers get cows pregnant through the ATA Service Sire Fertility Summary (SSFS). The SSFS is provided to all dairy producers that process their DHIA records through ATA.

ATA is now offering this report to all dairy producers. All you have to do is either process your records with ATA (with some of the most competitive rates in the industry) or obtain an annual subscription (three evaluations per year) for the low cost of $60 annually or $25 per summary. These reports are released three times per year, in April, August, and December.

The ATA Service Sire Fertility Report is available for both Holstein and Jersey Sires. The analysis and results are based on confirmed pregnancies only. Because a veterinary pregnancy exam is required for the data to be used, this report is more accurate than reports based on non-return rates. Bulls are placed in groupings with five stars being the most fertile and one star being the least fertile.

The data is provided by over 500 herds in the Western United States that process with ATA. Statistical analysis is provided by internationally renowned reproductive expert, Dr. Kent Weigel of the University of Wisconsin.

The Service Sire Fertility Summary report is released three times per year in conjunction with the CDCB Genetic Evaluation files.

AgriTech Analytics is the second largest dairy records processing center in the United States. Each month ATA processes the dairy records for over 900,000 cows. We are located in the highest dairy producing area in the United States. The efficient staff is dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

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